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Ho-ho-how do you find a Christmas gift for someone that’s fun, festive and planet-friendly? You find it at frank green! ‘Tis the season to take a peek at our wide range of sustainable Christmas gifts that are cool, convenient and can be used again and again. Fill a friend’s stocking with one of our award-winning reusable cups, perfect for taking on a morning workout or afternoon walk, its tight seal helping to control your drink’s temperature for hours. Or get the party started with our reusable party cups, with splash-proof lids and super-sleek gold stainless steel straws helping to ensure more thrills and less spills on the dancefloor.  

Or you can put a brand new French coffee press under the Chrissie tree! With its revolutionary triple-wall vacuum insulation and ceramic inner layer, your friends and family are guaranteed deliciously rich, smooth coffee every time. And what better way to wake up on Christmas morning than to the smell of freshly-roasted coffee beans (fair trade from frank green, of course!) frank green also offers personalised Christmas gifts to make them feel truly one of a kind, as well as bulk orders for corporate Christmas gifts for clients.

But corporate doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’: Our corporate Christmas gifts are practical with Insta-worthy designs, and can be customised how you like – dazzle ‘em with your company logo or a unique monogram. They can even make great mementos to give out at the end-of-year break up. Make this silly season a sustainable one with Chrissie gifts from frank green! 


What should I get my eco-friendly friend for Christmas?

Last Christmas, you gave them a big flashy gift. But the very next day, they... returned it. So what do you give a mate who’s eco-conscious? Maybe something from frank green? Get ‘em a reusable cup from our award-winning collection. Slurp and sip without spilling a drop, thanks to its one-handed design and tight-sealing lid. Our Home Cook Bundle is also great for those future Masterchefs, with insulated food containers for snacks and porcelain bowls for yummy soups and casseroles. Or compile a bunch of goodies in a gift set, including our Sustainability Starter kits for emerging eco-lovers and Desk Buddy kits for that 3pm pick-me-up. Throw in a bag of organic fair trade coffee or a box of Zen Black Tea to keep things extra chill. 


Great sustainable gift ideas 

Hear those sleigh bells ringing (and jing ting tingaling)? It’s time to find a sustainable Christmas prezzie at frank green! Make someone’s morning with a French press. Give ‘em a can cooler to keep drinks cool when the weather hots up or a sleek but sporty reusable bottle for those who love working up a sweat. And don’t forget our furry friends – Treat them to a brand new leash or shiny new bowl from our pet range! Unique corporate Christmas gifts are also a winner. Etch employee names on our reusable cups to avoid those mix-ups in the office kitchen. Or for convenience in the palm of your hand, why not buy our Tap and Pay Reusable Cup? Have ‘em breezing through the line at their local café as they just tap and go! 


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