Insulated Tumblers

H2: Discover your new favourite insulated tumbler

Looking to make a splash without spilling a drop? Up your party game with these fun and fabulous tumbler cups to shimmy, shake, and stir the night away!

With a range of colours to suit your mood, you can mix and match or go all out with your favourite palette for an explosion of colour. Whether you want to float on a Cloud, look sleek in Black, brighten it up with Mint Gelato or Blushed, the choice is yours with our custom tumblers. Go Neon to get the party started and really stand out on the dance floor!

If cocktails aren’t your jam, the insulating food-grade stainless steel construction of our cups makes them perfect as milkshake tumblers, iced coffee cups, or anything else you can think of. Take them to picnics, on your road trip, or keep them at home—the choice is yours!

What is an insulated tumbler?

An insulated tumbler is a cup that is designed to keep your drink ice-cold or nice and warm (depending on the drink!). Tumblers with lids are fantastic for keeping your drink where it belongs, but insulation makes sure it’s always the perfect temperature, too. Good insulating materials like stainless-steel and ceramic keep your drink warm or cool no matter the weather.

frank green’s reusable tumblers use food-grade stainless steel to keep your drinks ice cold or toasty warm to the last drop, so you don’t have to race against the clock (or the weather) to enjoy your drink. Despite this solid and safe construction, they’re lightweight so you can take them everywhere!

Can you put hot drinks in tumblers?

Stainless steel is great at retaining heat, which means your frank green tumblers will pair well with hot drinks as well as cold. So whether it’s a long black or a long island iced tea, your drink will always be just right. And you don’t have to worry about your tumblers being too hot to handle or too cold to hold as their comfortable non-slip outer keeps your hands protected while you sip!

Need longer-lasting thermal goodness? Our reusable cups with double- and triple-walled vacuum insulation are perfect for making your ice-cold or piping hot drink last through those extra long days.

How do I choose a good tumbler?

Choosing the perfect tumbler really comes down to your own preferences, but there are some things you may want to consider if you want a convenient, long lasting option. 

  • How will you use it? When it comes to portability, weight and size matter, and a well-fitting lid will make sure your drink stays put. 
  • Need a strong, shatter-proof option? For a durable and practical tumbler, stainless steel is a fantastic choice as it’s virtually indestructible while retaining the perfect drink temperature. Ceramic is a great sustainable option too.

All frank green tumblers are insulated with stainless-steel on the inside and bold colours on the outside, letting you customise your reusable cup with flair. Add a stainless-steel straw and you’ve got a durable and functional tumbler that’s as stylish as you are (while helping the planet, too)!

Are stainless steel tumblers good for coffee?

Stainless steel tumblers are great for your French Press coffee, whether you like it nice and hot or ice cold for those sizzling summer days. They’re easy to keep clean too, so you can rinse and repeat, time after time!

frank green drink tumblers are specifically designed to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature, so they’re the ideal companion for your daily ritual. And at 16oz / 475ml, they’re big enough to make sure it lasts and lasts!

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