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Get ready to dive into a world of colour and reusable fun with franksters™ – the ultimate champions of durable, safe and planet-saving playtime! franksters™ aren't just a fun water bottle kids will love, they're Sustainability Superheroes with their own special powers, on a mission to make Planet Earth a greener place. They're all about recycling, reusing, and teaching our smallest superheroes that those little steps make a big (or should we say monstrous) difference!

Made from BPA-free and durable stainless steel, and sporting the extra durable Flip Straw Lid (with a soft-feel mouthpiece), these bottles can withstand the rough and tumble that comes with kids. The best part? They’re leak-resistant, so no more messes on their shirts or in their bags. And when they’re done sipping, franksters™ fit right into your standard size cup holders in prams, bikes and cars—gotta love that!

Choose your ultimate franksters™ companion in a range of fun and bright colours to keep those imaginations sparking. From Buttermilk and Neon Pink to Khaki and Lilac Haze, your franksters™ friend is available in a range of colours. But these bottles aren't just eye-catching; they're built tough, perfect for pint-sized explorers with energy to burn. 

Just like the rest of the frank green kids range, these water bottles have a secret power of their own—they’re triple wall vacuum insulated to keep your kids’ water ice-cold all day long! They can even put their own stamp on these bottles with a monogram—making your littlies’ franksters™ bottle all theirs. A personalised water bottle kids can’t get enough of, that helps them learn about sustainability? That’s pretty neat (if we do say so)!


What are franksters™?

franksters™ are the crew of Sustainability Superheroes—our new triple-wall vacuum insulated water bottle kids will love! Meet Scout, Splash, Robin Piper and Flick, and discover their planet-saving superpowers:

  • Scout: Here to help kids learn about the world of reusables—Scout can take the smallest thing and turn it into something new. That’s pretty neat!
  • Splash: Here to help kids save water by turning the tap off with a flick of the wrist. 
  • Robin: Help Robin on their mission to sort and recycle rubbish by choosing the right coloured bins.
  • Piper: Learn all about the effects of single-use plastics by helping Piper spread the word.
  • Flick: Help Flick keep litter where it belongs—in the bin! 

Designed for the littlest adventurers, franksters™ are their friend that keeps drinks ice cold all day, and are built tough to withstand the most creative adventures. 

What do the frank green franksters™ do?

Saving the world with their can-do attitudes and special sustainability superpowers, the franksters™ Scout, Splash, Robin, Piper and Flick protect and defend in the areas of recycling, reusing, saving water, spreading the word, and keeping our beautiful planet free of rubbish. The franksters™ help our little ones learn how they too can help keep Earth clean and green, as even the smallest among us can make a mighty difference. With their powers combined, and some small steps, together we can all make a big difference!

Why franksters™ make a great water bottle for kids

franksters™ aren't your typical water bottles; they're a trusty sidekick for all their escapades! If you’re looking for the best water bottle for kids, we like to think our franksters™ collection is pretty great: 

  • Strong as a superhero: A stainless steel water bottle for kids, franksters™ have a virtually unbreakable base and feature our new extra durable Flip Straw Lid (with soft mouthpiece for fuss-free drinking).
  • Protector of the drink: BPA-free, leak resistant and spill resistant, for mess-free shirts and backpacks!
  • Always at the ready: For when little hands get tired, pop their frankster in the car, bike or pram cup holder—fits all standard sizes!
  • Mission accepted: Each franksters™ character is here to help our next generation learn about keeping our planet green.

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