We are frank about sustainability

We started with a simple, honest approach to sustainability - to stop single-use plastic waste by reimagining reusable cups and bottles. To do this, we only create beautifully-designed, premium reusable products that you’ll love to use and reuse, over and over again.

Our multi-award-winning products are beautiful, functional and great for the planet. We want to empower people to make simple, sustainable choices every day. Together, we can move towards a better, greener future. And to be frank, we need to.

We care deeply about contributing positively to our world and it’s this mindset that guides every decision we make. We envision a world where sustainable living is irresistible. 

Recycled Materials

We see protecting the environment as part of our core values. Reducing the impact of our business on the environment is incredibly important to us. That’s why we continue to increase the use of recycled and upcycled materials for our products where possible. By 2025, every frank green stainless steel product will be manufactured from at least 90% recycled material.  

Our reusable bags are proudly made from 100% ECORPET® recycled single-use plastic bottles.

Our Pet Collection includes a variety of biodegradable and recycled materials, such as recycled co-polymer, compostable corn starch, and ECORPET® fabric. Here's a fun fact: our frank green Pet Bandanas are crafted with innovative ECORPET® fabric, diverting approximately six single-use PET bottles from landfills.

Made For Everyday

We reduce the amount of waste from our products as much as we can and this approach guides our product design process. We also think carefully about what parts and accessories will help extend the life of your reusable and ensure you reuse them again and again.

All our lids are designed to be used with all of our reusable bottles and cups so you can mix and match your reusable. Our Bottle Bumper Guard is designed to protect your reusable from dings and little scratches. Plus, there's a designated slot for your Apple AirTag® or Tile®, so you’ll never leave your bottle behind again. The Car Cup Holder Expander is designed to easily transport reusable bottles in your vehicle so you’re hydrated on the go.

We produce only premium high-quality product to ensure that they are made to last. We always prioritise repair over replacement in an effort to ensure your reusable is right for life.

Mindful Packaging

We are committed to reducing our waste and this extends to our packaging. We’re mindful of reducing unnecessary packaging and increasing the amount of recycled materials wherever possible. We take great care to use packaging that can be reused and recycled. Our gift boxes are designed to be reused over and over again; just like our reusable bottles!

100% of our product packaging is recyclable and is produced using PEFC certified paper. Our packaging is also specially designed to minimise waste while ensuring your frank green products arrive safely.

Ethical Sourcing 

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company. We design our products in Australia and they are made responsibly in Australia and China. We believe in building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our trusted partners. So together we can meet our environmental and social responsibilities. Our manufacturing partners are independently audited to ensure people and environmental standards are maintained and adhere to our code of conduct.

We work closely with our supplier partners to manufacture our products with a focus on minimising our impact on the environment. Together, we carefully balance consumer demand to avoid overproduction and ultimately produce unnecessary waste.


We’re serious about circularity. That’s why we recycle and refurbish product that is unsuitable for sale. What can’t be repaired is recycled by our supplier partners.

frank green supports Parley For The Oceans

We feel deeply responsible for contributing positively to the world with a focus on protecting the environment. We do this not only through offering premium reusable products that reduce waste but by empowering individuals, communities and organisations that are making a difference in ways that are aligned with our values and purpose. Giving back to the community has been embedded in our business since day one. It all starts with our founder’s story.

frank green origin story

Benjamin Young used to play down by the river near his house every afternoon, fishing, skipping stones. But whenever it rained, thousands of plastic water bottles and cups came pouring down. He knew he had to do something about it.


To further our purpose to stop single-use plastic waste and protect our environment, frank green supports causes and organisations in their efforts to preserve and restore our oceans. Today we support Parley for the Oceans; a global environmental organisation and network where creators, thinkers and leaders take action to protect the oceans against major threats.

Together with its partners, supporters and volunteers, Parley responds to plastic emergencies, raises awareness, and develops and implements programs that can help end the cycle of pollution through their innovative 'AIR' Strategy.

We raise awareness and funds for Parley to deliver its important work around the world.  

And guess what? You can help! By adding a $1 donation to cart, you'll directly fund Parley's projects on coastal cleanups, raising awareness and implementing education programs.

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