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Nothing beats an ice-cold drink on a hot day, or a warm soothing drink on a frosty day. Whatever the weather, a frank green insulated drink bottle will quench that thirst. Whether you're hitting the gym or enjoying a day out, our insulated water bottles are the ultimate way to stay hydrated on the go.

All our insulated water bottles are made with 100% BPA-free premium quality materials. Want your bottle to suit your mood? Mix and match the colours of your frank green bases and lids to suit any style or mood. Whether you’re feeling our blushed, mint gelato or can’t go past black, you’ll love these in any colour to complement your outfit. Match with your reusable cup or iced coffee cups, or blend for a fun flair!

Tired of twist-tops? Banish those old leaky lids and opt for an insulated water bottle with a straw lid that easily flicks up, then down again for a leak-proof seal—protecting your work bag (and your laptop) from unwanted spillage! Or give our award-winning push button lids a try—push in to activate the vacuum seal, push out to easily remove and sip away.

Our insulated drink bottle suits those who love to down their drink, or enjoy savouring it. With triple-walled vacuum insulated technology, this bottle keeps your drinks at that perfect temperature for hours on end—long enough to keep you sane during the workday or workout. Feeling the heat? The wide-mouth opening is big enough for ice cubes for a deliciously chill sip, while the ceramic lining means all you’ll taste is the full flavour of your drink.

How to clean insulated water bottles

Keeping your small or large insulated water bottle clean is quick and easy. After each use, swish your drink bottle base around in some warm soapy water, give it a wipe over with a soft sponge and either air dry or wipe dry. If your bottle has a straw or other small parts, make sure to use a brush to clean them thoroughly (especially if you’ve been enjoying soft drinks or milkshakes!). And the lid? Stack it in the dishwasher and you and your stainless steel insulated water bottle will be good to go (again).

Vacuum insulated bottle: how it works

You know how home insulation keeps the heat out in summer, and the cold out in winter? It’s the same principle, only on a smaller level, and contained inside your drink bottle!

These insulated drink bottles work by creating a vacuum when you twist the lid closed, flick your straw down, or push the lid button in. Doing this removes the air pockets from between its triple walls; forming a tight seal that allows its contents to stay hot or cold—unaffected by the goings on outside. 

Why get an insulated water bottle?

Always the right temp

How refreshing is water that’s been sitting in a hot car for hours? Insulated water bottles are designed to keep your drink cooler (or warmer) for longer, even if they’ve been sunbaking. Some of the best insulated water bottles are triple-walled vacuum sealed, which means they not only keep your drink at the right temperature, they do so for much longer (we’re talking hours!). 

100% reusable

Drink temperature aside, our insulated water bottles are 100% reusable, so you’re not only enjoying your drink how you want it, you’re helping the planet along the way. Surely that’s worth celebrating! 

Made to last

Made from tough and durable stainless steel, frank green water bottles can withstand those accidental drops (like being pushed off a table edge by your fur baby). The unbreakable base gives you the confidence to use your bottle over again, knowing it’ll be right there with you through it all.


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