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Looking for eco homeware with flair? Brighten up your style game with frank green’s colourful collection of reusable homewares that you can use again and again… and again! Whether you’re looking to keep the ‘crisp’ in your salad, freeze those flavourful leftovers, or make a splash with your morning brew, we’ve got you (and your food) covered.

Love a beautiful kitchen aesthetic? Our homewares are designed to fit right into your signature style—from smooth pastels to mixing and matching a spectrum of colours. Leaving these homewares on the bench turns clutter to couture (we think so, anyway!). 


What are sustainable homewares?

Sustainable homewares is a term used for homeware products that are reusable and kind to the planet. Eco-friendly homewares have a minimal long-term effect on the environment during production, in their material choice, as well as at the end of their life. Nothing lasts forever, but our frank green products are recyclable when it’s time for them to go to homewares heaven, and many of our products have replacement parts so you don’t have to say goodbye to your favourite bowls, coolerscups, or containers until you’re good and ready.


How to brighten up a dark kitchen with accessories & homewares

The easiest way to brighten up a dark kitchen is with the accessories and homewares you use every day. Practicality doesn’t always have to come at the expense of good looks, which is why our eco homewares come in a range of bright and pastel shades that'll make a splash against—or perfectly complement—darker toned benchtops and cupboards. What about a Blushed Pink French Press to colour your kitchen bench space? You can even add some high voltage (without the power bill) with our range of neon reusable party cups!

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