hot or cold for hours
spill proof
ceramic lined for pure flavour

We know kids will love our innovative ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer layer reusable cups and bottles. Why? Because kids are all about taste and so are we.

We've designed these reusable cups for a pure flavour experience, the kind you'd expect from a ceramic cup. They're also triple-walled and vacuum insulated for the ultimate temperature control to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. 

frankster Skye is featured on our much loved Royalty 10oz base, with Royalty straw lid and strap.

Please note, the Ceramic Reusable Cup base is not dishwasher safe.


we ship to europe, australia, new zealand, the UK, and the US. there are different delivery service guidelines for each region’s mail carrier so if you’re experiencing any delivery issues or delays, we encourage you to contact your mail carrier directly, as they’ll be best placed to assist. for more information, please visit our FAQ page.


we’ll replace any reusable that’s damaged on arrival. exchanges for undamaged/unused reusables can be made within 14 days of receiving the reusable, and must be returned with proof of purchase. monogrammed or printed reusables cannot be returned due to change of mind.


enjoy a 12 month warranty period from date of purchase. damaged reusables can either be repaired, replaced or refunded (whole/partial). the reusable must be returned with proof of purchase. warranty is void if the reusable has been incorrectly used or cared for.

everything you need to know

franksters Ceramic Reusable Cup Skye 10oz / 295 mL
meet our innovative straw lid

totally sealed off when clicked closed (no spills!) and comes with a removable gold stainless steel straw and strap for easy handling.

franksters Ceramic Reusable Cup Skye 10oz / 295 mL
insulated & temperature controlled

triple-walled and vacuum-insulated to keep your beverage hot or cold for hours.

franksters Ceramic Reusable Cup Skye 10oz / 295 mL
good for you, good for the planet

BPA free, FDA and EU approved safe materials and recyclable at end of life.

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